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HE: big, divine, no things by halves, gigantic, funny, comical, playful, hoggish, creativ, pighead, direct, spontaneous, narf, different

SHE: smaller, enthusiastic, funny, spontaneous, cheery, confident, can take hold, hard to slow her down, finance minister, also different

HE: bought a Lego castle as present... some days later 2 other castles... the presentees were too young and didn't like the toys so much as they "couldn't play with them as the bricks fell apart"... and it came as it should, some castles, some kilos of bulk bricks and a mood... the mood was in it's first try 1,27 meters high (watch here) and it was the beginning of a big, big passion

SHE: liked the hobby that was suitable for a family, liked watching him when he built and started building sets and small details at the mocs... is infected with the Legovirus and integrated in the construction of the mocs by the time HE gave her a box with bricks and asked her to build a Nazgul (watch here) for Helms Deep (HE: "we need one, just try it")

For us Lego means: relaxation, balance, pure creativity, fun, fascination, shared hobby and amusement

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