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Helms Deep

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Helms Deep

Orthanc's first stage of expansion was shortly finished. As we needed just the black bricks for Orthanc we still had a lot of other colours in our bulk bricks. There were a lot of light grey bricks and so the next project was clear. It would be another building of Middle Earth. Helms Deep.

Start: February 2005
built by: the first try was built by Tom. The second one was a cooperation. Tom built the wall, the main portal with the rolling path and the castle; Verena built the half-round castle walls, the rocks, the Nazgul and the tents.
Once again we started with some pics out of the web and from the DVD.

1. try: February 2005

The wall was simple. 94 cm long, 21,5 cm high. Going along the door and the outher ring.

1. try, 2. stage of expansion: Aug 2005

We added the inner ring, the entrence in the fortress and some elves for the wall.

2. try: May 2006 - August 2006

As the title "1. try" already notifies: we didn't keep the first model. It was ok but not detailed enough and in comparison with Orthanc it was mingy and too small. And we learned from our mistakes and thought about the transport of the model (yes, we did! *g*). So we built solid and in modules. The first try was totally crashed and in just 3 month we built the 2. model. 280 cm wide, 180 cm deep and 70 cm high. It's about half grown. As you can see there are so many things still missing.

2. try 2. stage of expansion: September 2007

Nearly a year nothing changed. We had to collect bricks, renovate our flat and so on. Just in time for our club exhibition we finished the 2nd stage of expansion. Now Helms Deep is at least presentable ;-). Some details are still missing, the tower isn't high enough and the Orcs could be more. But its ok for now.

Helms Deep

Helms Deep is the ancient fortress of Rohan in Middle-Earth the scene of J.R.R. Tolkiens epic fantasy The Lord of the Rings. The eponym is Helm Hammerhand, a king of Rohan who died there after he defended Helms Deep one winter against aggressors. The narrow canyon where the entrences to the glittering caves (caves of Aglarond) are located is guarded by the fortress of Aglarond (Hornburg) and the long Deeping Wall. Helms Deep is the most important refuge of the Westfold of Rohan and is said to be impregnable. According to descriptions the wall is 250 feet (75 meters) long, 20 feet (6 meters) high and offers room for 2000 defenders. The Hornburg is build on the top of Helms Dike and consists of two mighty walls surrounding the outer and inner yard and the tower sometimes called “castle” with the great horn of Helm Hammerhand.